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What you can do

Doing our bit to Give Someone A Hand

While the county council concentrates on helping vulnerable families in crisis and supporting carers, you could change someone’s life just by saying hello.

Doing our Bit for Health and Wellbeing

While the county council concentrates on funding social care and help for the most vulnerable people, you could do something to help the health and wellbeing of you or your family.

Doing Our Bit to Keep Staffordshire Clean, Green and Safe

Everyone benefits from living in a green place, If we all do our bit we will breathe cleaner air, create greener communities and make Staffordshire a healthier place to live and work.

Home Time!

Give someone a hand

Small actions can make a big difference. Anything from cutting the grass verge, to helping an elderly neighbour with a task.

Take Action

Look after your health and wellbeing

We can all live a healthier, more independent, and better connected life with help from our families and communities.

Take Action

Volunteering in a Soup Kitchen
Watering The Plants

Keep Staffordshire clean, green and safe

We can all do our bit to beat climate change, be greener and reduce our impact on the environment.

Take Action

Do one more thing! 

Many people across Staffordshire already do one more thing to help themselves, their family and those around them, and it matters. It all helps.  It changes lives.

Click on what you’re interested in below, browse through some ideas about what one small thing you could do, and meet the people already doing something.

Small things really do add up to make a big difference.

Family Drive