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Talk Suicide

Tragically, ten lives are lost to suicide each month across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. 

#TalkSuicide aims to bring local individuals, organisations and businesses together to help prevent suicide. We believe we can all do something. And by bringing people together, the small things we all do, can make a big difference. Together we can help prevent suicide.


We can all do something, what small thing can you do?

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Don’t know what to say?

Simply talking and listening to someone who feels like they can’t go on can be life saving.

There’s no easy way to ask someone if they’re suicidal. But, at the same time, skirting around the issue won’t help. Remember, mentioning suicide to someone who’s already thinking about it will not encourage them to go through with it.

Don’t ever be put off approaching someone who you think may be at risk of suicide because you don’t know what to say. Read our advice to help you talk about suicide.