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Community Champions

Community Champions

Introducing our army of passionate volunteers from all walks of life, coming together to support their communities and improve lives.
These Staffordshire Super Heroes are known as Community Champions, and you could be one too.
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Meet your Staffordshire Community Champions

Staffordshire Community Champions are passionate volunteers to support local communities. 

Drawn from diverse backgrounds, these champions engage with groups the County Council might find hard to reach, understanding community needs and disseminating information through various means.

Why Community Champions?

The Community Champions aim is to ensure everyone has access to reliable information and contributes to improving health and wellbeing in Staffordshire.

It’s about fostering inclusivity and creating collaborative solutions.


Making a difference

Community Champions have already made an impact in areas like health check services, mental health resources, and the promotion of free support. 

They have utilised local directories and participated in campaigns like the Trusted Voices initiative. (LINK NEEDED and PICTURE)

How to become a Community Champion

Becoming a Community Champion doesn’t require special skills, just a commitment to your community.

Volunteers are given resources like a virtual platform for sharing ideas and accessing information.

Interested individuals can become Community Champions by contacting Staffordshire County Council by email at

Joining this initiative is a great opportunity to lend a voice and support to your local community.


Here are some small actions you can do right now to help yourself or a loved one live life more independently.


Help and support is closer than you think