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Become a Greener Business

Whether you are a small business serving your local community, or a global company based in Staffordshire, we can all do our bit to help make Staffordshire sustainable. 

We have some handy businesses tools and tips that can help you to measure your impact on the environment as well as top tips and resources that you can use to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Become a FREE member of Staffordshire’s Business and Environment Network.

As a member you will get access to tonnes of practical advice and guidance to make your business more sustainable, as well as regular free talks, webinars and conferences to share ideas and connect you to the wider community.  

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CO2 Monitor Scheme for Staffordshire Businesses

Employers must make sure that there is adequate ventilation in enclosed areas of their workplace. The Health and Safety Executive also highlight that good ventilation is associated with, improved health, better concentration, lower rates of absence from work.

If you want to check the ventilation in your workplace, why not take advantage of Staffordshire County Council’s free CO2 Monitor Loan Scheme? 

Promote Cycling to Work 

Cycle to Work Day (4th August) encourages adults across the UK to get on their bike and give cycle commuting a go for one day. It’s an easy way to boost your employee’s health and improve their wellbeing. Not to mention being good for the environment.

Woman commuting in a cycling lane
Cargo Van Delivery

Become an ‘Anti-Idling’ business

As a business in Staffordshire it is important to think about the amount of pollution you contribute.  Make your company an ‘Air Aware Anti-Idling’ business today!

It’s good for the environment and good for your bottom line by reducing fuel costs. 

Create a business travel plan

Get support setting up a Business travel plan – Staffordshire County Council have a number of travel planning officers who are able to assist and support you with a travel plan for your school, business or organisation. 

A good business travel plan can help reduce costs, reduce employee downtime due to travel and cut back on inefficiencies.

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Be inspired by other Staffordshire Businesses

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