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Our digital themes

By 2030

Digital Council

We will be an exemplar digital council with a smart business model, transformed citizen experience that has been a catalyst for more connected and supportive communities. 

Data and insight

We will have a Data Institute that plays a pivotal role in a thriving economy and transformed public services enabling everyone to achieve their full potential.

Digital Skills

Our Members, workforce and volunteers will be highly skilled digital leaders flourishing in the modern world and supporting modern 21st century local government.


Staffordshire will have a digital infrastructure embracing full fibre, 5G and the next generation technology underpinning a thriving economy and communities.

Health and Care

Digital will underpin a transformed health and social care system that focuses on self- care, early intervention and prevention and has improved healthy life expectancy.

Children’s System

Digital will underpin a transformed approach to children and families that focuses on early help and enables and children and families to achieve their full potential.