New and improved report it goes live!

As a part of the new council offer and digital journey; we are pleased to announce that our new and improved report it functionality has gone live!


We have made a huge visual change to report it, instead of listing the categories we have now added icons for all categories and defects.


Citizens can now log all emergencies online which will highlight in our back office system that an emergency call has been logged.  Depending on what time of the day it is, the new functionality automatically informs the citizen of the best course of action allowing the inspectors to deal with the emergency any time of the day 24/7.

New categories

There are now more options for the citizen to report which include:

  • Worn road markings
  • Road speed
  • Accident concerns
  • Weight restrictions
  • Traffic calming
  • Subway issues
  • Bridge issues
  • Retaining wall issues

Re-open old calls

All new reports to the system will now have the option to let us know if the situation changes. Not all defects need immediate intervention, we will go out to inspect the issue but may need to come back when resources allow. Citizens can now let us know if an issue has changed which will trigger our inspector to re-assess the defect.


There has been a lot more information added into the report it process which will be able to inform the customer of how we will deal with defects and what we currently do.

Saving you time

Remember you can access council services via mobile phone, tablet or computer at any time of day and every day throughout the year.  Our aim is to make contacting the council easy to do in a way that fits our busy lifestyle.  We have a mobile app available on iPhone and Android called myStaffs which also has all other services including Highways such as bin collections, weddings, libraries, car parking, leisure facilities and much more.  Download it today and get started.

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