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Waste and recycling section upcycled!

Another service area to benefit from an improved web presence is waste and recycling.

To achieve a better customer journey within the section, we have implemented a bespoke A-Z listing as well as ensuring all content is covered thoroughly across the section. 

The waste and recycling section has pages for each of the recycling centres, as well as pages for each type of waste that can be disposed of. A user is likely to want to view the information on both of these sets of pages, so we have ensured that they are linked together in a way that allows the user to find the information from whichever direction they approach from. For example, a citizen may navigate initially to the Uttoxeter recycling centre page, on this page there is now an iconbox list showing which types of waste are or are not accepted at this centre. If the type of waste is not accepted, or charges and restrictions apply, the iconbox for the item links to a more detailed page the explains any restrictions, charges, and also lists the recycling centres that do accept the item. Alternatively, if a user visits the types of waste page first, they will clearly see which recycling centres will accept the item. 

To encompass all the information, we have also created a bespoke A-Z listing for the section which includes all types of waste, recycling centres and general information pages – making all the information in the section easy to find and browse. 

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