Revamp of parking and enforcement section

The presence of digital and it’s benefits to service areas in constantly gaining more interest across the organisation. Colleagues are becoming open-minded and curious about how digital techniques can improve their day to day working and processes. As this gains momentum from an internal point of view, service areas are keener to reflect this in their presence on our website. 

An example of this is the parking and enforcement section. We have recently worked with the parking and enforcement team to develop their section of pages into a user friendly, issue-led journey. 

As with many council services, responsibilities can often overlap with other organisations. It is important that we make this clear within the information provided on our website. Parking issues can either be dealt with by us, a district council or the police. Our aim with the new section was to lead the user to the correct outcome for their enquiry before contacting the team. 

Using icon boxes with bespoke designed icons as a form of navigation, the section works in a similar way to that of a flow chart, where the user can choose an option based on their enquiry, and find information to answer their query or provide a contact form to contact the team. The content within the section has also been fully reviewed by the team to ensure that only relevant and up to date information is available. 

Beforehand, to contact the parking and enforcement team, only an email was available on our website, this ultimately led to the service being inundated with enquiries as the information was possibly hard to find or unclear. Now, there are separate forms for different enquiries which when submitted, go to the parking and enforcement team clearly labelled with a subject and only information requested by the form fields is received. 

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