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Planning and Building Control tile added to myStaffs

Our myStaffs app is ever growing and expanding to provide useful signposting to the wide variety of county and district council services in Staffordshire.

We were asked by the county council’s planning department if we could add a specific Planning and Building Control tile on the app. Through the tile, a customer can access planning control information from the county council and planning and building control for the development of houses, shops and industry provided by local district and borough councils.

planning section on app examples

Even though the various information is situated on different websites, the app helps create a streamlined user journey so the customer can find the information they need from one place.

We are pleased that the app is being well received and welcomed not only by the residents of Staffordshire, but also the employees of our council organisations. We will continue to encourage that further services embrace the advantages of having a place on myStaffs.

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