Registrar availability checker now live!

First screen of the online checker


Introducing our brand-new registrar availability checker! Found on our dedicated weddings website ‘Getting Married in Staffordshire’, this new online tool allows wedding planning couples to easily check the availability of our registrars before settling on a wedding date.

The availability checker is simple and quick to complete; firstly, the couple will need to choose from the three options shown on the opening screen, this will take them to another screen where they can choose their desired venue and date. Once selected, the times available will be displayed along with the contact information needed to make a booking.


Results of online checker

Beforehand, the customer would have to call our contact centre for an advisor to check availability for them. Our contact centre is still available for this; however the additional online option helps promote further channel shift as well as being a useful tool if the happy couple wish to check when our contact centre is closed. In turn, this supports our aim to help Staffordshire residents to help themselves at their own convenience.

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