Streamlining permits and applications

Digitising application procedures is one surefire way to help save time, money and effort that could be used elsewhere in better ways.

Over the last few months, we have been working with the Highways team to produce digital application alternatives for three of their popular requests; skip permits, scaffolding and hoarding permits and dropped kerb applications.

Previously, all applications were made by completing a Word document that was available to download and then emailing that through to the team. This caused a huge amount of emails going to a central mailbox and created work for staff needing to contact the person who made the application to clarify any details that perhaps weren’t displayed correctly. Payment also had to be taken by a member of staff once the initial application had come through.

Producing online forms to replace these ensure that the right information is requested and obtained by setting fields as ‘required’ and the completed applications then being sent to a mailbox where most of the applications in there can be processed without any further investigation needed by a member of staff. Payment is also made as part of the online form as we have integrated our online payments system.

We are pleased to be able to add these three new online forms to our collections of digital services, they provide a much easier experience for the resident and in turn a smoother workload for staff. As with our whole website, the application forms are fully mobile responsive, so they can completed easily on people’s smartphones or tablets as well as a desktop PC.


Developing the new forms has increased efficiency within the team. Network Management no longer need to chase companies up for payment as payment has been added to the application, this has an estimated saving of 0.5 FTE (full time employment) estimated at £10,000 per year.


View the Skip/Scaffolding/Hoarding application form on our website.


View the Dropped Kerb application form on our website.

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