New look Staffordshire Learning Net

The SLN (Staffordshire Learning Net) gets a whole new look after the move to Staffordshire County Council's secure website area

We are pleased to announce that the new and improved SLN, including the School Bag bulletin, is now live!

These pieces of work have been undertaken following feedback from schools on what they want from the SLN and the School Bag. We have worked with ICT, HR, Health and Safety, Communications, and Education to update both platforms and ensure that they are user friendly, and meet changing needs.

What is the SLN and School Bag?

The SLN is a central place for all information relevant to schools, and the main area for all education-related groups to communicate. It is split up into areas that are now easier to navigate, with each area having further options once hovered over.

The School Bag is the modern day replacement to it's physical counterpart; news stories, policy updates, and general information is sent out once a week to all schools, and is accessed online through the SLN.

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