Forms making things easier!

Staffordshire Trading Standards have common sense guides which are available to help retailers understand their legal and social responsibilities when it comes to age restricted sales

Before the new form, Staffordshire Trading Standards didn’t charge a fee for the guidance materials, so now that a new charge is in place, a new process was required to keep orders straightforward and organised with minimal admin from staff.

Without the form, the order process would be very different. The staff would receive a written description of the order (in a text box) from the customer and they would have to then calculate the value of the order themselves before paying and sending the order through. This may have resulted in calls to the team for assistance and more time spent on administrative duties, and possible confusion with orders, whereas the form is very efficient and user friendly.

This is just a simple but effective example of how a little bit of digital input can transform the way a process is completed.

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