Staffordshire County Council’s Head of Digital to present at the Local Government Strategy Forum

Local Government Strategy Forum

Dionne Lowndes, Head of Digital for Staffordshire County Council will explain in the session ‘Building a Smart Staffordshire’ how SCC are responding to the Industrial Strategy White Paper 2017. The 3 main points that Dionne will cover include:


  • People – the role of technology means increasing change for how people live, work and earn. For Staffordshire, we are putting in place transformation and inclusivity strategies at workforce and community level.


  • Partnership – the Industrial Strategy is underpinned by the need to co-create the UK’s future. Smart Staffordshire is the co-creation of a shared strategy with our partners to ensure that Staffordshire gets the best deal and the brightest economic future.


  • Place – by developing a People Helping People approach to co-create self-supporting communities and using innovation to help Staffordshire to meet the needs of our ageing society.
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