Staffordshire County Council migrates website services to the cloud

Several teams across Staffordshire County Council’s IT and Customer Services departments have been working jointly in what is one of the biggest changes to our website infrastructure in years.

The majority of our websites run by Staffordshire County Council are managed using Contensis – a Content Management System (CMS). This has been hosted on our own servers since before 2011, and has routinely required updates at significant expense in staff time.

As of April 2018, we have successfully completed the transition to ‘the cloud’, meaning that our Contensis CMS is now hosted online by Zengenti, the providers of the service. This has brought about many improvements and benefits:

  • Significant cost savings: our Contensis CMS is now hosted on Zengenti’s infrastructure, which means that Staffordshire County Council no longer needs to manage the physical hardware required to run these services.
  • The latest software and security updates: any updates that are required will be automatically applied by Zengenti as soon as they become available.
  • Significant staff time savings: as updates will be conducted by Zengenti, our staff will save time in having to do these in-house.
  • Increased website capacity: more users will be able to access the website without errors or crashes occurring during high traffic times, such as mass school closures and significant weather disruptions.
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