Data utilisation

We are currently working with service areas and partners to maximise the benefit of our data and help us to deliver services in a more targeted and intelligent manner. Our objectives are to:

  • Provide organisational clarity on current data sets and their use for the business
  • Better use of data to drive business decisions
  • Better use of data to improve performance
  • Better use of data to support other agendas (PHP, demand management, etc…)

How has this affected ways of working so far?

A helpful example of how data is used to improve performance is the re-design of the pages on Pages have been re-worked to allow the user to have information displayed to them in a more visual friendly way by using icons.

The order of links provided on these icons is driven from the data collected by Google Analytics, which measures the number of visitors onto each page of the site. Those pages and sections with higher traffic over the past 12 months have been prioritised to the top of the section landing page, and those with fewer traffic towards the bottom.

Before data utilisation and re-design
After data utilisation and re-design
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