New app launched to inform Staffordshire people of roadworks on their usual routes

A new smart phone app which will alert Staffordshire people to roadworks and delays on their daily travelling routes has been launched.

The Roadzwork app has been developed locally to serve Staffordshire initially and is set to be rolled out wider. It has been designed to help road users avoid roadworks and other incidents on their local, regular routes by informing them before they set out.

People travelling on familiar journeys – to work or on a school run – often only find out about works, incidents or public events which may cause delays when they reach the location. When using the Roadzwork app, they will just need to add their routes, along with the days and times they usually travel and the app does the rest. It will inform them of possible delays on or close to their routes, the expected severity and also provide detailed information of the works and the option to get directions to avoid the area. They can share the delay with friends to ensure that they do not get stuck in it either.

The app is available today on the App Store for iOS (by searching for ‘roadzwork’) and is being developed for both Android and Windows operating systems.

Roadzwork has resulted from a pilot project funded by Innovate UK, which is part of the Government Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy. Stoke-based Beepz LLP won the contract to develop the app.
Staffordshire County Council’s head of highways James Bailey said:

“The Roadzwork app could make a big difference to people’s day to day journeys and we’re pleased to see it piloted here in Staffordshire. We do all we can to inform people in advance of any of our works, but delays can also be caused by emergency utility works, incidents and public events. People usually check and plan if they’re going on a longer or unfamiliar journey, but tend to just head straight out on familiar routes they use most days. This app will alert people straight away, meaning they can allow extra time or use an alternative route.


We will always look to use emerging technologies to help people understand and prepare for changes to their roads, avoid traffic congestion and delays and feel less disruption to their daily lives. Having a local business develop this app is also a bonus.”

James Manning, Beepz LLP owner, said:

“We know that roadworks or incidents on our roads can cause frustration, especially when they cause us to be late or delay our journey. We have developed a solution which will make people’s daily journeys easier, whilst also providing information on the reason for the works. We have been working closely with the county council and its partners who are keen to use the latest technology to improve life for residents. As a Staffordshire company it is great to be able to pilot the app here before expanding it to other areas.”

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