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Better Connected has been assessing local authorities’ online performance since 1999. Today it evaluates a wide range of digital performance by local public service providers, covering websites, social media and customer portals, as well as takeup, satisfaction and management.


Headline results from individual tasks and tests are set out on the individual results pages for each council and in the ‘all council’ reports. Detailed scores are available to Socitm subscribing organisations that are logged in.

These scores are the basis for awarding Better connected ‘stars’ – four stars denoting a very good user experience, three a good one, two unsatisfactory and one a poor experience.

Stars are awarded for each task tested, for the navigation/search/A to Z experience, and for the experience from a mobile device.

Our 2015-16 Results

The Better Connected results for for the period of 2015-16 are outlined below. The results can be found in full here.










Mobile Standard: PASS




Accessibility: PASS

Council result Councils of same type
(avg score or % pass)
All councils
(avg score or % pass)
Better Connected overall (stars 1-4)
Rubbish and recycling
Find opening times for council tip
4 star 3.1 3.1
Transport and buses
Apply for older person’s bus pass
4 star 2.7 2.7
Schools / youth
Apply for secondary school place
3 star 3.1 3.1
Renew library book
4 star 2.9 2.1
Tools for accessing content
Navigation, Search, A-Z
4 star 3.3 2.9
Mobile test
Usability from mobile device
4 star 3.1 2.6
Accessibility test (2 or 3 is a pass, 0 or 1 is a fail)
Access for people with disabilities
2 1.5 1.6
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