Welcome to #DigitalStaffordshire

The aim of #DigitalStaffordshire it to make our citizens more connected and well informed. We want everyone to be able to share their experiences effectively, becoming fully engaged in their communities and empowered to take social action.

Our main key objectives to achieve this are:

Exploring how digital technology can support every area of our work to become agile, manage demand, and achieve better results.

Taking a digital approach is fundamental to promoting self-management and encouraging social action.

Finding and implementing new technologies can improve the local economy and support better health and wellbeing.

Using data to inform how we deliver services and achieve prevention.

A cutting edge digital infrastructure will be needed to encourage and support our citizens and partners in building networks.

The people of Staffordshire will:

Be able to access more good jobs and feel the benefits of economic growth.

Be healthier and more independent.

Feel safer, happier and more supported in and by their community.

Read more about our work by viewing our digital pillars or our blog. You can also read about our  history (5MB) and view the  strategy (2 MB) for our future.

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