We are speaking with organisations that filter and manage the Mobile App market to support better effective take up either personally or through social prescribing.

How app take up can help us

Mobile app take up helps to distil a very busy market place.

It can provide support to:

  • campaigns
  • targeted website development
  • social media management
  • and tracking to assess impact

Campaigns support

We are in early stages but can see this supporting our Public Health campaigns on for example:

  • men at work
  • sexual health
  • and mental wellbeing in young adults

MyKin app pilot project

As part of our commitment to support health and wellbeing apps, we are currently running a joint project with Sentimoto to pilot their MyKin app.

Taking part

The app is only available on android devices at the moment, but if you have a compatible phone we encourage you to take part. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

You can find instructions for setting up the app here:

How to install My Kin app from Google Play Store (566 KB)

Purpose of testing

The purpose of the initial pilot is to test the content of Staffordshire in the wellbeing application. The messages will be sent once all applications have been installed by the test users, so we ask you to please check your application from time to time.

Purpose of the app

The application itself is aimed at adults aged over 40 and collects and displays information on your physical and social wellbeing, showing the time spent you spend walking, outside of home, and your phone calls.


Occasionally, you will receive short messages from partner organisations, that will lead to different websites. We will be testing the platform and messages from Staffordshire County Council, and will ask for your feedback via an online questionnaire at the end of the 10-day pilot.

However, if you think of anything before then and want to tell us about it, or if you run into any issues, please feel free to contact sentimoto at: