What are ‘Digital Interactions’?

We use various tools to measure the number of interactions that citizens have with the county council in a digital context. This could be via one of the council-run websites, via the myStaffs app, or by using one of our data collection forms.

What is measured?

We see how successful our online presence and services are by recording interactions for:

  • Registrations for services (e.g. customer alerts, the myStaffs app)
  • Booking appointments with registration services (e.g. weddings and civil partnerships, birth registrations)
  • Paying for services online (e.g. copies of certificates, blue badges, bus passes)
  • Applications for services (e.g. blue badges, free school meals, school admissions)
  • Finding out information (e.g. school closures, finding an event or training course)

How often are these interactions recorded?

These statistics are being collected all the time, with website interactions recorded via Google Analytics. These record the number of unique visitors to pages on our sites. No identifiable information is collected about visitors unless the individual chooses to submit it (for example in a Blue Badge application).

We publish these statistics on #DigitalStaffordshire every quarter as a blog post.